Magaya's Bond Notes Warning

Prophetic Healing and Deliverance (PHD) Ministries leader Walter Magaya (pictured) has pleaded with the government to re-think the introduction of bond notes, warning history was repeating itself. 


Speaking to journalists on the sidelines of his “miracle crusade” in Harare on Friday night, Magaya said the introduction of bonds notes by the central bank last week was a fulfilment of a prophecy he made at the beginning of the year about a repetition of events.


“On my comment, I don’t know where economists are taking the nation, but in my view, I think we need to revisit some of the policies we are taking,” he said.

“As I prophesied at the beginning of the year that some of the events will be repeated, so it’s coming to pass. so given this, I would say economists of the country must re-visit some of these things,” Magaya added without elaborating.

The introduction of bond notes to address cash shortages s has largely been criticised by economists and members of the public who were of the view that the development was an indirect way to re-introduce the Zimdollar.

Magaya told the journalists that despite the economic hardships being faced by many Zimbabweans, they must remain hopeful and follow God’s commands.

“God will always make a way where there is no way. The only way to come out of these hardships is to follow Jesus,” he said.

“My message to Zimbabwe is let us go back to Jesus and we can fund our way out of these hardships.”

He said PHD had remained afloat and was set to construct a $90million state of the art church at its Waterfalls base.

Magaya said money for the project was available and PHD was just waiting for architects to conclude their work before construction begins.
He said the project was expected to take one year.

“It is true that we are going to construct a multi-million dollar church here in Waterfalls,” he said.

“We are going to inject about $90m into the project that will begin anytime from now.

“We are just waiting for the architects to conclude their work. What I can say is that the whole project will just take a year to complete.

“My supply has always come from God. Idon’t run out of supply for anything we want to do because we believe in Jesus.”

Though Magaya could not reveal the carrying capacity of the church, PHD officials told the Standard that the building will accommodate over 60 000 people.

If construction begins, PHD Ministries will join the league of the United Family International church leader Prophet Emmanuel Makandiwa who is currently constructing a multi-million dollar 30 000 seater church in Chitungwiza.

Construction of the UFIC church was delayed by the local authority and Environmental Management Agency who argued that the construction of the church was being done at a wetland.

The all-night prayer sought to re-connect PHD followers with the New Year’s vision and Gospel Diva Fungisai Zvakavapano-Mashavave entertained the thousands who braved the chilly weather to worship and dance.


In his teaching to the church, Magaya spoke about leadership, giving, faith and character as key elements in one’s Christians’ growth.