Maguwu Freed

High Court Judge Justice Garainesu Mawadze freed Maguwu on $1 500 bail and ordered him to reside at his Mutare residence and not to interfere with State witness after his lawyers applied for bail. His application for bail at the High Court followed several unsuccessful bail attempts he lodged both at the Magistrates Court and the higher court.

Justice Mawadze ordered the human rights activist not to communicate in any form with Anthony Dekker, Gabriel Shumba and Tor-Hugne Olsen, whom the State alleges he communicated falsehoods with.

The State alleges that it recovered an e-mail written CRD Chiadzwa April report from Olsen which was addressed to Maguwu and copied to Dekker and Shumba which was recovered at his Chikanga residence. The State alleges that the e-mail sought clarification from Maguwu on contents of documents marked Grant number ECEZ/FL030 entitled March 2010 progress report. From this document, the State alleges that it clearly shows that the report was sent to the three people presenting false statements prejudicial to the State.

Maguwu has been in police and prison detention for 39 days. He was arrested early last month and charged with publishing falsehoods against the State with the intention to cause prejudice to the security or economic interests of the country.

The State accuses Maguwu of publishing several documents containing false information concerning activities at Chiadzwa diamond mining fields, including the human rights abuses by the police and soldiers in and around these mining fields.