Mahofa Laments Looming Hunger,Pleads For Mnangagwa's Help

By Itai Muzondo

The Minister of State for Masvingo Provincial Affairs, Shuvai Mahofa recently pleaded with the Vice President, Emmerson Mnangagwa at a rally held in the city that the government should do something  very urgently to avert the acute hunger faced by the province.

Short of any apt words when she was given platform to spell out her challenges, charismatic Mahofa endlessly pleaded with the vice president that Masvingo is faced by great hunger as the dry season did not spare any crops.

“I want to commend that I have done my best to settle the Tokwe – Mkosi issue where the victims have been staying in hell. My issue today is hunger. Masvingo is hard hit by hunger and I sincerely plead on behalf of the general populace that government addresses this with a very effective contingent plan or our loved ones will die of hunger,” said Mahofa.

In his response, the Vice President Mnangagwa promised and acknowledged that the government had long discovered that there is a possible drought and said there is a reliant plan which will fill the people’s granaries. He however urged people not to finger point the government to the approaching hunger as he said it is only God who brings rain.

“We as government have observed the rain patterns across the country and have seen a possible drought. We therefore made reliable deals so that the looming hunger will be combated but we will work with chiefs. So I strongly advise all councillors to work hand in glove with chiefs so that no one will be left unattended upon the draught which befell us.

“I however do not condone the situation that people start blaming government over the drought as it is only God who pours the rains. It is God’s will that is why there is hunger,” said Mnangagwa.

Meanwhile, politburo member Josaya Hungwe applauded Mahofa as a true hero who has been expelled and neglected from the party but still holds on.

“Of all the party cadres we have in Masvingo, Mahofa is a true revolutionary who never left the struggle amid being neglected and once chased from Zanu (PF),” said Hungwe who is reportedly related to Mahofa.