Mahofa Struggles To Read Mugabe Independence Speech

Minister of State for Masvingo Provincial Affairs Shuvai Mahofa stunned thousands of people who braved  chilly weather to celebrate Independence Day in Mucheke stadium on Saturday when she  struggled to read President Robert Mugabe’s speech fluently.

Mahofa  started by greeting the multitude in Shona before she went on to read the speech.

“Ndinoti kwamuri mangwanani mose…,” said Mahofa before reading the speech from President Mugabe.

A lot of people failed to closely follow her speech as most of the words were wrongly pronounced. The sentences were also disjointed.

” I failed to get the message and I had to go home to follow the proceedings on television. The PA system was bad and it was very difficult to follow what she (Mahofa) was saying,” said one of the interviewees.

Others who also attended the event said Mahofa was only jubilant at the end when she was making slogans such as ‘Long Live Zimbabwe’.

People said Mahofa needs serious coaching when it comes to address people in English.

“She really needs coaching…she was really struggling and that distorted the message,” said another person.

Some said while Masvingo is not an intellectually challenged province, having produced  the country’s greatest political and liberation luminaries, Mugabe is however, in the habit of deliberately choosing the worst possible candidates who can hardly read his speeches fluently.

Mahofa ended up occupying a lower level office when she was appointed because she could not climb to upper office meant for governors.


Telli Zmbabwe