Mahofa Urges Women To Fight Male Chauvinism

By Itai Muzondo

Masvingo-The Minister of State for Masvingo Provincial Affairs, Shuvai Mahofa on Saturday urged woman to fight male chauvinism through the courts of law whilst addressing an audience that attended the Judiciary Service Commission (JSC) Open Day in the city.

Mahofa said that women usually suffer silently because they do not know whom to lean on adding that most women fail to recognise the invisible hand of male dominance in relationships though at the end they realise that they are suffering.

“I want to thank Chief Justice Godfrey Chidyausiku for bringing this day to us today as has never been seen in Masvingo. Women should thereby take this chance to have legal advice on how they can handle their matrimonial disputes since they are known to suffer in silence.

“By the end of this day, women should know how to apply for maintenance and girls know how to get hold of their repressive boyfriends. Some of these situations where women suffer from male dominance are not visible as such but women at the end are at the end the suffering sex,” said Mahofa.

I am simply saying it is no one’s duty but ours ladies to enhance knowledge from this open day and use the knowledge we get to fight male chauvinism,” said Mahofa.

Mahofa also urged Great Zimbabwe University Law students who attended the event to take the day as an opportunity to help them find out more about the practical part of their profession than just depending on theoretical work.

“I have seen Great Zimbabwe University students who joined us on this day. My advice to you is to take this chance and learn the practical nature of your profession than simply depending on theoretical work,” added Mahofa.

Speaking at the same event, Deputy Secretary of the Judicial Service Commission, Walter Chikwanha disclosed that JSC decided to host open days in every province for the next five years after the realisation that a lot of people do not know what our courts are meant for. He also reiterated Mahofa’s sentiments and said women should not shy away being represented as getting rid of issues affecting them would help build a better nation.

“JSC decided to launch these open days which will run for the next five years after a realisation that the public does not know what the courts are meant for. With such a platform, people will know all about the courts as most fear even witnessing a wedding as they think that when one enters the court would be arrested.

As the Minister said, women should not shy away to have their issues attended by the rule of law as it would help build a better nation,” said Chikwanha.


Also present at the event was Chief’s Council President, Chief Fortune Charumbira, Provincial Administrator Felix Chikovo, City Mayor Hubert Fidze and Masvingo Urban Legislator Daniel Shumba.