Makandiwa's Mentor Coming To Zim

Boateng’s visit was reportedly announced during one of the United Family Interdenominational Church UFIC church services at the City Sports Centre last weekend. He will attend a conference which runs from October 21 to October 23, 2011.

Boateng’s visit also follows Prophet Makandiwa’s international trip which included the UK where he met Boateng, his spiritual father and founder and overseer of Power Chapel Worldwide.

According to United Family International Ministries (UFIM), Papa Victor Boateng instructed Prophet Makandiwa to set up a church branch in London “to quench the thirst of the multitudes” of which he had already started planning on.

Although media reports alleged that Prophet Makandiwa had run away from the police and possible prosecution in Zimbabwe over the running of an unlicensed sms system that allows his followers to receive devotional messages from the popular evangelist, the UFIM refuted the allegations and said the charismatic church leader had gone to the UK on holiday.

Prophet Makandiwa’s church says the evangelist is being used by God mightily to transform people’s lives and has changed a great deal of people’s lives through his preaching and teachings.

The prophet draws huge crowds at his church services and about 50 000 congregants attend each session of the weekly prayer services.