Makone Calls For Transparency On Diamond Sales

Makone who is also the chairperson o the mainstream Movement for Democratic Change (MDC-T) lambasted Zanu-PF bigwigs for self enrichment through illegal diamond sales when majority of the population is languishing in poverty.

Makone made the attacks in Karoi where she was addressing a political gathering.

“If diamonds are sold transparently everyone will benefit not the situation where few individuals are busy looting and lining up their pockets when majority of the population is battling to make ends meet.

Makone also attacked Zanu-PF’s sponsored indegenisation and empowerment law that according to Zanu-PF seeks to transfer Zimbabwe’s wealth into the hands of the black majority.

“The claims of empowerment are just an excuse to enrich few individuals in Zanu-PF’’ lamented Makone.

On farms Makone assured resettled farmers that they are not going to lose their land.

“If MDC-T forms the next government resettled farmers will not be removed from their farms as it is a Government policy to resettle people”.

Makone also defended her boss, Prime Minister Morgan Tsvangirai over accusations leveled against him by Zanu-PF that he called for imposition of sanctions.

‘’Zanu PF must ask their own members among them Professor Jonathan Moyo and former Governor, Josia Hungwe for submitting names of top officials who were slapped with sanctions” added Makone.