Makoni Ready To Challenge Mugabe and Tsvangirai

Makoni who now leads the Mavambo/Kusile/Dawn (MKD) told Radio VOP that he is busy building up his party structures and will be ready for elections even if they were to be called “tomorrow.”

“When the elections are called we will be ready and we are building a party now,” said Makoni.

“We are not going to deny the country and its citizens that right to elect a leader who they believe in and trust. When the elections are called we will participate …with the objective of offering Zimbabweans a genuine alternative to the MDC PF that we have at the moment.”

“Today we have a child born out of rape. The leadership we have is incompetent, impotent and they are always fighting each other all the time and the country continues to suffer and the only solution would
be an election and we don’t need a new constitution to have an election,” said Makoni.

He said the constitution making process currently taking place under the leadership of parliamentarians is “an entirely unnecessary, wasteful and unproductive exercise.”

Describing the process as yet another gravy train, Makoni said, “It is very badly organised and a process that is badly organised is unlikely to yield a good result. There is too much focus on the material benefits of people particularly the members of the parliament.”

He said the outcome of the process is likely to bear a heavy footprint of Zanu (PF) and its beliefs because people were not being given the opportunity to freely express themselves at outreach meetings.

“We are likely to end up with a Zanu (PF) constitution which will be cheated on the country because of the manipulation of the outreach programme. It’s almost inevitable that we will have a draft constitution which does not reflect the views of the broad majority of the people of Zimbabwe. The only solution is to have a new election,”said Makoni.

He added that instead of the country focussing its energies on a deeply flawed process, which although needed for good governance of the country, it should concentrate on putting in place minimum requirements for a free and fair election.

“It was not the constitution that defeated the people in June 2008, it was the administration. Mugabe and Zanu (PF) deliberately went out to subvert the will of the people in March and June 2008. So our focus
should be on what are the minimum requirements needed to have a free and fair election,” said Makoni.

He added, “We need an independent commission staffed by people with credibility, competence and integrity and that commission should be well resourced.”

An independent electoral commission headed by Namibian based judge, Simpson Mutambanengwe, has since been put in place but is yet to start work due to lack of resources.

Makoni who holds a PHD in Chemistry and once headed the Southern Africa Development Community (SADC) said the country is still on auto pilot as was the case since November 2007 when the Zimbabwean dollar plunged after government’s decision to award war veterans compensatory gratuities.

“There is nobody running the country. It’s on auto pilot. The economy is running itself, things are happening in spite of the problems that the government is facing. There has been no policies. The government announced the dollarisation of the economy but the people of Zimbabwe had dollarised it as far back as 2007, so there is nothing new,” said Makoni.

However, Makoni is being viewed by critics as a traitor and western puppet.