Makosi Deported After Using Fake Passport

The controversial star that immediately deactivated her Face book after a barrage of inquiries from friends and fans is said to have flew back to Nigeria where she is staying with a boyfriend.

The UK top circulating tabloid The Sun reported that she was also with £12 000 that was immediately confiscated by immigration at Heathrow airport.

According to the paper, UK Border Agency officers recognised the 31-year-old after she arrived at Heathrow Airport on a flight from Lagos in Nigeria where she is currently living according to the paper.

However the report raises questions in that Makosi has refugee status therefore would not have had any need to use a fake passport. The details are sketchy and vague on that account.

An online publication quoted an immigration lawyer saying: “It sounds improper that they would simply send her back to Lagos. It could be that she volunteered to return, but I would say in a large majority of such cases she would have been given leave to enter and then prosecuted, if the claims about her using a relative’s passport are true.”

Makosi is famous for her cleavage and lesbian as well as on-screen sex in a jacuzzi during the Big Brother 6 show.