Malawi ministers wants Zim loan probed

Ibrahim Matola, the deputy minister of Environment and Climate Change told parliament the previous administration of Malawi’s late president Bingu wa Mutharika must explain the deal.

“We have been meeting in this House, but I cannot recall any day the government brought a matter that it would like to lend some money to any country,” Matola was quoted telling the Malawian parliament by the Nation newspaper.

“Does Malawi qualify to be one of the donor countries? Then, we need to enact laws that would govern such issues.

Last month, new Malawi President Joyce Banda dispatched a delegation to Zimbabwe to follow up on the $23 debt.

Zimbabwe through the Reserve Bank reportedly borrowed the money to buy maize from Malawi early last year.

President Robert Mugabe was a close ally of wa Mutharika who died in April.

Last month it was reported that Zimbabwe had promised to repay Malawi with fuel.