Malawian Boy Loses Penis After Circumcision Goes Wrong

Lilongwe – A Malawian family has filed a K10m lawsuit against a local hospital after their son lost his penis following a forced circumcision.

According to Malawi24, the 9-year-old victim was found lying close to his home shortly after the procedure took place in the Chikhwawa district.

The boy’s father alleged that he was operated on by the SSDI, a component of the ministry of health that did male circumcisions as a means of preventing the spread of HIV.

The boy was said to have been taken along with several other minors after they were coerced by sweets, juices and biscuits. 

The father complained that his son was operated on against his will and contrary to Sena cultural laws.

Previous reports indicated that circumcision did not contribute to a decrease in the rate of HIV infection, with statistics showing that HIV rates had doubled in Malawi, despite a range of interventions having been put in place.

Other studies had found that circumcised men had the highest prevalence of HIV in Malawi, Malawi24 said in a separate report.