Malawian Media Told To Stop Reporting On Albino Attacks

Lilongwe – Media houses throughout Malawi have reportedly been urged to halt coverage regarding albino attacks in the country, Malawi24 reports.

While government and various other organisations sought ways to curb the scourge of attacks on albino nationals, the Malawi Health Equity Network (MHEN) said that a blackout on reports regarding attacks would help reduce the number of fatalities.

MHEN Executive Director George Jobe claimed that daily reports on albino attacks helped fuel the crisis and should be stopped “with immediate effect”.

In addition, Jobe said that those who viewed albino nationals as “money'” should erase the belief from their minds, as there was no existing market for body parts belonging to those who were born with the condition.

Jobe argued that the country could not move away from the perception that albino body parts were profitable if the media continued covering brutal albino attacks.

The advisory followed on from a revelation made by human rights organisation Amnesty International, stating that albinos in Malawi were facing an “unprecedented wave of brutal attacks”.

The group on Tuesday blamed police for the plague of attacks, claiming that operatives were failing to protect the lives of vulnerable albino nationals.