Malema Confronted By Mob In South Africa's Tembisa

Economic Freedom Fighters (EFF) leader Julius Malema has been confronted by a group of men at Tembisa, east of Johannesburg, that were armed with sjamboks, knobkerries, sticks and golf clubs. 

Malema visited the Sethokga Hostel, where two EFF supporters were killed during an EFF campaign a few weeks ago.

Hostel residents confronted Malema and some journalists on Tuesday.

Malema scolded the police for their handling of the situation.

“Take weapons from the hands of those people. Police can’t disarm them. What type of policing is this? I’ve lost two members already. They died because of those weapons. People come out with weapons, police don’t take weapons from them, then you come to us because we are an easy target. Go to the criminals, there they’ve got weapons.”

Malema then went to the Tembisa Police Station where he demanded answers for the earlier actions of the police at the hostel, but that interaction turned into a screaming match.

“We are coming here for you to protect us. What type of a Cluster Commander are you, clueless about what people should do? These things are happening here.”