Malema Deserved Expulsion: MDC

On Wednesday ANC’s disciplinary committee expelled the controversial youth leader Malema , who was appealing against his five-year suspension from the party.

Malema was expelled for indiscipline.

The 30-year-old youth leader has 14 days to appeal against the decision. However Speaking to Radio VOP  this Friday morning MDC-T national youth spokesperson Clifford Hlatshwayo said Malema deserved to be expelled from ANC  since he violated the party constitution and had no respect for his leaders.

“This is a big lesson to youths, we should abide by the values and rules of any institution which we are under,” said Hlatshwayo “Malema had no respect for his leaders and the party constitution ,so he deserved to be expelled from the ANC.”

Malema was handed a five-year suspension in November after being found guilty of three of the charges against him – including bringing the party into disrepute by calling for regime change in Botswana – a position which contravenes party and government policy.

On Thursday he said he was going to fight back his expulsion from ANC. The former ANC youth leader is also in favour of nationalising the South African mining industry and is among those pushing for a controversial new policy to hasten the redistribution of white-owned land.

Despite the breadth of the debate, and the passions aroused by Malema, his conviction was based largely on charges that he had tarnished the party’s reputation, created divisions within its ranks, and failed to follow its rules.

Among his offences was praising former president Thabo Mbeki, at Zuma’s expense. Malema was a key ally when Zuma toppled Mbeki to take control of the ANC in 2007, but he later turned on Zuma, praising Mbeki as a better leader.