Malema: I'd Rather Go To Jail

“Apartheid took us to prison for singing these songs. If I am to be sent to jail under the new democratic order for singing them – then so be it,” Malema told the newspaper.

On Friday the Johannesburg high court ruled that the singing of Dubul’ ibhunu was unconstitutional and unlawful.

In his ruling Judge Leon Halgryn said any person found singing the song could face charges of incitement to murder.

Meanwhile, Sapa reports that lawyers for civil rights group AfriForum and trade union TAU-SA will apply for an urgent interim interdict to stop ANC youth league president Julius Malema from singing “shoot the boer”.

The application asks the Pretoria High Court to interdict and restrain Malema from publicly uttering any words or singing any songs or communicating lyrics using words “which can reasonably be understood or construed as being capable of instigating violence, discord and/or hatred” between blacks and whites”.