Man Castrates Neighbour's Bull, Eats Raw Organ

CHIVHU– Chivhu Magistrate Dennis Mangosi has sent a 24-year-old man for mental examination after he castrated a neighbour’s bull and ate its raw organs.

Tinashe Magunda of Munyathi South in Chivhu appeared at the Chivhu Magistrates’ court on Thursday facing charges of malicious damage to property after he castrated his neighbor’s bull without his approval.

When asked why he castrated the bull, the accused told the court that he was not happy to find the bull fighting his father’s cattle in the family kraal.

He said castrating the bull was a way of punishing it by inflicting pain.

The complainant Timothy Murwisi (50) of the same area is an artisan at the District Development Fund.

It is the State case that on July 11, this year, Magunda found Murwisi’s bull which had joined his father’s herd, he took a knife and castrated the complainant’s bull without his approval.

Magunda is said to have fed on the raw meat after castrating the bull. The Magistrate referred the accused for mental examination.

The value of the damage is $100.

Patrick Mukome prosecuted.