Man Jailed For Being Intimate With Pig

A 22-year old Marondera man who was caught pants down having a sexual act with a pig was on Monday slapped with a six month jail term by Marondera magistrate, Jabulani Mzinyathi who found him guilty of bestiality.


Tinashe Maswa, a gardener at Shaka Hills Farm in Igava, Marondera pleaded guilty to the charges and stunned the court gallery when he said that he wanted to ‘have a feel’ of the domestic animal.

 He will however serve a four-month jail term after two months were set aside on condition of good behaviour.

 According to court papers, on April 23 this year at around 1000hrs, the accused person proceeded to the farm pig sty where he selected a sow and had sexual intercourse with it.

 However, during the heinous act, the accused was seen by one Edward Vheremu, the one who is responsible for feeding the pigs.

 Vheremu caught the accused having anal sex with the pig while his trousers were unzipped and his overalls unbuttoned to waist level.

 The accused person took some minutes doing the act while Vheremu kept on watching.

After realising that he was being watched, Maswa stopped the act, hid in the corner, put on his clothes, jumped over the sty and hid in the nearby bush.

 The matter was reported to police leading to his arrest.

 Shingiriai Nyengere represented the state.