Man steals donkeys to feed family

By Colleen Chitsa

RENCO MINE – A 50-year-old unemployed father of nine recently appeared before Masvingo Magistrate Candice Kasere for allegedly stealing four donkeys in the same month from different people.

Simon Chisemwa from Chezhira Village under Chief Nyajena was arrested for stealing and selling donkeys that belong to different villagers.

The court heard that sometime in November 2019, Chisemwa stole four donkeys which were left to browse at Bangala grazing lands and sold them to Brigita Vakari and Lazarus Mavhuro from Gwachara village in Chiredzi.

On October 10 this year, the police recovered the donkeys at the homesteads of the people who had bought them from Chisemwa.

Asked why he stole the donkeys, Chisemwa said since he was unemployed he wanted to raise money to feed his family.

The value of the donkeys stolen was $750 and $600 was recovered.

Innocent Mbambo represented the state.