Mandoza's Wife Opens Up About Kwaito Star's Brain Cancer Diagnosis

Johannesburg – Prayers and well wishes have poured in for kwaito star Mandoza after reports emerged that he has been diagnosed with a brain tumor. 

Speaking to YOU magazine, the artist’s wife, Mpho, explained what led to the diagnosis. 

“About two weeks back he complained of severe headaches and problems with his eye, not the same eye as before and we decided to go see an optometrist.”

She says it was “like history repeating itself”, as the Nkalakatha singer had battled squamous cell carcinoma, a type of skin cancer, just last year. 

After undergoing an MRI scan, the couple were informed that the cancer was back and it had developed into a brain tumor. 

About the physical state of her husband, Mpho says that he is still able to walk, eat, talk and write, but has those moments when he feels “dazed”. 

“At some point, all of this does take its toll on you but in all honesty, I’m stronger for it. My faith in the Lord has got me through many things and it will get us through this too, He has managed to provide,” she says.

She also opened up about why they decided to make the news of Mandoza’s health public, saying, “we’ve figured that the more prayers we can get the better.”

Mandoza is still set to perform at the SABC’s concert at Orlando Stadium on 24 September. 


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