Mangoma Rejects Pact With Mujuru

Renewal Democrats of Zimbabwe (RDZ) president Elton Mangoma says former Vice-President Joice Mujuru’s hands are not clean as she was part of the Zanu PF government accused of gross human rights violations. 

Addressing the inaugural RDZ congress yesterday in Harare, Mangoma reiterated that his party would never consider working with Mujuru, or any other former Zanu PF top leaders who were now part of the People First movement.

“These leaders were there when our people were being murdered; these people were there when houses were burnt; these people were there when livestock was being eaten. These people were at the forefront of intimidation and now that they have been expelled, they now think of the people,” he said.

He added: “We will work with those who share the same values and principles with ourselves but we will not work with those who were our previous persecutors. People of People First, don’t forget People First is actually Zanu People First.”

Mangoma was elected substantive RDZ leader during the hastily organised congress, which followed a split with former Finance minister Tendai Biti a few months ago.

Biti has since transformed the MDC Renewal he formed with Mangoma into People’s Democratic Party (PDP).

Mangoma said his party would provide “servant” leadership and change from the “animal farm” mentality where others think and behave as though they were “more equal than others”.

He said if elected into power, RDZ would scrap off the Indigenisation and Empowerment Act and replace it with a more workable partnership arrangement. The former Energy minister said RDZ would ensure that every child went to school and would also improve the health sector.

He said there was need to change the style of governance in Zimbabwe to fight corruption.

“We want to overhaul the entire style of governance which has not only brought the economy to its knees, but forced millions of the country’s skilled labour into the diaspora,” he said.

“We believe in the rights of citizens to freely choose their leaders and government.

“We believe in mixing merit, representativeness and social conscience.

“Government should be able to look after the poor and ensure no child will stay out of school and that every family has a roof over its head.

“Priority will be given to social services. The disabled and the vulnerable must have access to decent livelihoods.”

RDZ claims its ideology is one of modern nationalism which will enable them to reconnect with old nationalists such as Herbert Chitepo, Josiah Tongogara, Lookout Masuku, Edson Zvobgo and Joshua Nkomo, among others.

Youth Assembly leader Fortune Munyonga said the party would take to the streets to fight misrule and continued economic failure.

He accused the Zanu PF government of running down the country through corruption and denying youths in Zimbabwe opportunities to develop themselves.


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