Mangwana Says Fears For His Life

“If someone labels you a sell-out, munouraisa munhu (you can cause someone to get killed),” Mangwana told the state television after he launched a $1 million dollar defamation lawsuit against the sole broadcaster which is controlled by the Ministry of Information which is run by Mugabe’s top officials.

“I was supposed to have got the right to respond to the serious allegations that were directed at me. I never sold out, I represented my party well at Copac and the politburo knows that. It is not allowed by the law of this country that someone can tarnish the image of someone without facts.”

He did not explain how he fears for his life or if there are people who have threatened his life.

Mangwana was reacting to a TV programme screened by the national broadcaster, ZBC where panelists accused him of selling out, describing him as worse than those who massacred Zimbabweans at Chimoio and Nyadzonia during the liberation struggle in the 1970s.

The panelists claimed Mangwana was worse than Morris Nyathi, the alleged traitor who guided Rhodesian forces in the brutal pre-independence massacres at Nyadzonia in Mozambique in 1976.

The panelists further claimed that Mangwana supported homosexuality and was paid by imperialists to sell out on Zimbabwe’s interests.

However, the Chivi Central MP said he believes that the new draft constitution is a great improvement from the Lancaster House constitution which has been amended 19 times since the country’s independence in 1980.

He said the recent holding of peaceful second all stakeholders conference shows that Zimbabweans are mature enough as no violence occurred unlike in the first stakeholders meeting where militants of ZANU-PF disrupted proceedings.