Mangwana Warns Zimbabweans Over a No Vote

Paul Mangwana said Zimbabweans should vote YES to economically empower themselves as the current constitution entrenches the system of minority rich and majority poor.

“If Zimbabweans vote NO that will be disaster for the nation. It will be disastrous and it would mean sinking deeper into the abyss never to come out,” Mangwana said in an interview.

“The constitution that we have protects private property regardless of inequalities and it hinders efforts to fully empower Zimbabweans as it entrenches the system of minority rich and majority poor.

“A No vote will mean that for the past three years we would have wasted scare resources that would have been used elsewhere. It must be a YES vote to carry through because if it’s a NO vote, we will be back to where we started and that will be unfortunate.”

Zimbabwe is scheduled to have a constitutional referendum to be followed by elections according to the Global Political Agreement signed over two years ago.

The leading civic group, National Constitutional Assembly (NCA) has started campaigning for a No vote through its Take Charge campaign arguing that the process of gathering views was flawed