Manyeruke's Son Fuses Reggae and Gospel

‘Guspy’ as Emmanuel is now affectionately known has, apparently, always been a reggae fan since childhood.

One would have expected Emmanuel to be inspired by his father Mechanic, and follow in his footsteps preaching the gospel through

“My father didn’t have any problem with me doing  reggae music, partly because my music is more Gospel aligned. Reggae teaches people on righteousness and my life style is a testimony of righteous living,” he said.
Guspy featured as a supporting artist when Jamaican reggae icon Sizzla Kalonji performed in Harare recently.

“That was a moment that I’ll always cherish, to be amongst the best in the world is quite an achievement,” he said.

 The young artist says he is inspired by Jamaican reggae artistes; Gentleman and Turbulence.

 Guspy has released a sizzling 40 track double CD album  titled “Time Will Tell” which carries tracks written in both Shona and

 The deep voiced artist is winning the hearts of a lot of  female admirers around the country.

 “Girls always try their luck, they think I am a  special  someone, I am just a regular kinda guy, there’s nothing special about
 music. It’s  a job”, he said.

 On the lady in his life “Mmmm, yeah, an emperor needs an  empress, a lion needs a lioness and a king needs a queen”, he said.