Marauding War Veterans Storm Copac Base In Vumba

MDC-T COPAC co-chair Douglas Mwonzora told Radio Vop that about 30 marauding war veterans descended on the remote area armed with a petition that was also accusing COPAC of ignoring the views of the people.

“The war veterans came with a petition that was demanding that we stop the process,” Mwonzora said.

“They were also accusing me and the drafters of rejecting what they said were COPAC preliminary reports which are being published in The Herald. They went on to accusing the drafters of not incorporating what they want in the constitution. “

MDC-T politicians, who are part of COPAC, were forced to run for dear life after the militant Zanu PF aligned group started chanting party slogans and singing liberation war slogans while marching around Leopard Rock hotel which COPAC had identified as suitable for a hindrance free exercise.

The incident happened soon after Zanu (PF) politicians who are part of COPAC, among them Co-chairperson Munyaradzi Mangwana, had left for Harare after finishing the week long drafting exercise.

Among MDC-T politicians who were present during the incident were Deputy Ministers Jessie Majome and Gift Chimanikire, MPs Amos Chibaya, Brian Tshuma and Senator Rorana Muchihwa.

“This is basically to intimidate the drafters and COPAC,” Mwonzora said,

“This is a clearly co-ordinated thing meant to harass and intimidate the MDC team within COPAC. The police did not intervene again showing this is a state sponsored thing.”

War veterans leader Jabulani Sibanda, who has been agitating for the disbandment of COPAC and the immediate holding of elections, could not be reached for comment.

Sibanda was quoted in the media early this month saying COPAC had “betrayed the views of the people of Zimbabwe”.

“We, the war veterans of Zimbabwe, having read the preliminary reports of COPAC Drafting Committee published in The Herald, hereby express our shock, indignation and displeasure at the total disregard of and departure from what the people of Zimbabwe said they want in their constitution through the outreach programme,” he said.

Meanwhile, Mwonzora is adamant they will not allow anyone to derail the constitution making process.

“We will not be intimidated. We know there are many more Zimbabweans who are serious about what we are doing and it is those Zimbabweans that we are determined to serve.”