Marrying Off Under-Age Girls Discouraged

The government has urged Zimbabweans to desist from marrying off under-aged girls as it is against the constitution of the land.

This comes on the background of statistics that puts Zimbabwe at the top 30 of countries that mostly indulge in early marriages around the world. 

Poverty has been cited as one aspect that drives the girl child to enter early marriages as a poverty alleviation strategy. 

Speaking at a fundraising cocktail organised by Roots, an organization that advocates against early childhood marriages, the Guest of Honor, Lands and Rural Resettlement Minister Douglas Mombeshora urged fellow Zimbabweans to recognise the law of the land and reiterated that no child under the age of 18 should be put up for marriage.

Roots director Beatrice Savadye urged the government to provide empowerment packages to young girls and the community at large such that they will avoid falling victims of under-age marriages.

Roots board member Beatrice Tonhodzayi said they are having country wide campaigns against early child marriages and this will go as far as the remote areas with the aim of emancipating young girls from this catastrophe.

A victim of early marriage, Loveness Mudzuru, encouraged young girls to be morally astute and avoid indulging in early sex as this will compromise their future.

The government is on record carrying out awareness campaigns against women and girl child abuse through the stand alone Ministry for Women Affairs, Gender and Community Development, led by Oppah Muchinguri.