Massive Voter Electoral Education Needed In Zim

The organisation said a number of electoral reforms must be implemented including giving the public information about the number of ballot papers printed and allowing it to view the counting process.

The organisation called for the repeal of repressive laws that infringed on the right to access information such as the Public Order and Security Act (POSA) and Access to Information and Protection of Privacy Act (AIPPA) among others.

It also said the Citizenship Act must be revised to allow millions of Zimbabweans, among them former farm workers who were stripped off their voting rights after being labelled ‘’aliens”.

‘’ Military has no role to play as witnessed in the past. Create a level playing ground for free and fair election, the CCDZ said.

The Ziimbabwe Election Support Network (ZESN), an umbrella body of 30 Non-governmental organisations (NGOs) promoting democratic elections, urged Zimbabweans and key stakeholders to start ‘’not only preparing elections but to call for critical reforms forthwith”.

It said the country remained largely ‘’volatile and tense’’ following the June 2008 elections as perpetrators of violence were still yet to be brought to book.

The bloody 2008 presidential run-off was a one-man race for President Robert Mugabe after Movement for Democratic Change (MDC) leader Tsvangirai withdrew due to violence that left about 200 MDC supporters dead.

Mugabe last week indicated that elections were likely to be held mid next month when he addressed his party youth supporters in Harare. His Zanu (PF) party women’s league at the weekend called for elections to be held by June next year and said Mugabe should be re-elected and rule for ever.

The Global Political Agreement which gave birth to the Inclusive Government called for tolerance and set up the Organ of National Healing, Reconciliation and Integration but critics said it had failed to achieve its mandate.

ZESN called for both local and international observers to monitor the referendum that must done independently without interference. It said the constitution draft must be made in simple language.