Masvingo Councillors Still In Darkness – Mayor


Masvingo, October 15, 2013-Masvingo City Council Mayor Councillor Hubert Fidze says the newly elected councillors are still in darkness of what is happening at the local authority as they are yet to be briefed by the previous city fathers and senior officials on a number of things after which they can start working, one month after their swearing in.
Responding to questions posed by journalists during a Media Institute for Southern Africa (MISA) Zimbabwe Chapter meeting held on Friday evening in the city, Fidze said they were operating without knowledge of what was going on in the local authority. He said he has learnt of the problems presently bedevilling the City through a hear say.
“We have not been appraised of the problems facing the city as yet. We still need to be told where things are and how the previous Council used to operate,” he said.
 Fidze said residents should be mindful of the fact that they were new and they need time so that they can have an appreciation of the load ahead.
“We still have more to learn and I hope very soon we are going to be briefed on a number of things. I am aware that there is a pending case between the local authority and workers over outstanding salary increments but at the moment we cannot say much on the issue. We still need to be informed about what exactly transpired so that we can chat the way forward as the new council,” added Fidze.
The newly elected councillors come in the wake of a labour dispute between the local authority and its workers over a $3,5 million in outstanding salary increments which have accumulated to over five million dollars.
Ward 10 councillor  Lovemore Mufamba said there were a number of outstanding projects that the new council should complete but the environment is not conducive for them to do anything as nobody has bothered to give them direction.
“There are a number of projects that have to be attended to but nothing can be done if you are not told of what your predecessors have done and the present position. I however, hope that once we are told, we will be able to chat the way forward. I believe that every problem has a solution and we are prepared to consult extensively so that we come up with a solution,” he said.
Clr Mufamba urged councillors to work as a unity regardless of their political affiliation as this will ensure that there is effective service delivery in the City.
“MDC-T councillors should be able to coexist with their Zanu PF counterparts despite their numerical advantage in the chambers. There are four Zanu PF councillors in the council against MDC-T’s six. If we are serious about addressing the problems affecting council we should work as a team. Our friends should understand that we are the ruling party while we should acknowledge that they constitute the majority in the chambers,” he said.
Clr Mufamba urged MDC-T councillors to consider that they need each other when electing thematics committees.

Elsewhere in other cities like Mutare and Gweru among others the MDC-T recently suspended and fired elected councillors for defying party directives pertaining to the election of preferred candidates. The defiance gave away mayorship positions to Zanu(PF) candidates in situations where the Morgan Tsvangirai led party could have easily sailed through.

Source: Tell Zimbabwe (Masvingo):