Masvingo Drama 'The Gods You've Built' Invited To The Netherlands

National Arts Merits Awards (NAMA) nominee, ‘The Gods you’ve built,’ has done it once again, getting an invitation to the Netherlands. The play was nominated for Nama’s Best Theatrical Production and Best Director.

The play which received excellent reviews last year when it toured Durban, South Africa has been invited for the International Community Arts Festival (ICAF). The Festival which started in 2001 is scheduled to take place from 26 March 2014 in Rotterdam, the Netherlands.

In a letter addressed to the Director of the play, Leeroy Gono, the Festival Director of the International Community Arts Festival, Eugene Van Erven expressed his interest in having the group over. ‘It was a great pleasure to meet you and your group at the Isigcawu Festival in Durban. I would very much like to become more acquinted with your work with an eye of possibly involving you more actively in one of our future events. For that reason, I would like to invite you for our next International Community Arts Festival in Rotterdam.’

Written by Tawanda Kanengoni and directed by Leeroy Gono, ‘The Gods you’ve built’ is set over the period of one night in an abandoned toilet. Three people’s lives, (Brian- a professor, Rudo- a nun and Pamhidzai- a policeman), converge in a tragic and tumultuous turn of events that leaves two of them dead and one changed forever.

Its an exciting development for us, Masvingo and Zimbabwe as a whole. It gives the impetus for showcasing and sharing our product and culture to the international world. We, however, are still looking for partners to assist with air tickets for our trip,’ lamented Gono

The Mirror (Masvingo)