Masvingo governor held hostage

It was the second time in a week following a similar event on Tuesday night when riot police was called to rescue the governor who had totally failed to leave his office after war veterans led by self-styled Isaiah Muzenda who commandeered the violent farm invasions in 2000 were demanding Maluleke file an urgent resignation letter.

Eye witnesses at Benjamin Burombo building which houses the governor’s office said they were treated to a free drama as Muzenda together with fellow comrades, Western Ezra, Ishmael Chatikobo, and Musa Phiri who were singing revolutionary songs stormed Maluleke’s office and threatened to beat him up before holding captive and only to be rescued by police details who got an alert from fellow government workers at the premises leading to their arrest.

“I have never seen Maluleke shaken like that. To him it was a surprise attack which he had never expected. We were all surprised to see the drama unfolding, unfortunately no one among us was courageous enough to intervene because you never know, and war veterans can do anything to you.

“We were at a distant as we watched the drama unfolding,” said an eye witness.

Isaiah Muzenda said a sit in demonstration which they held in Maluleke’s office about three weeks ago was only an introduction. He also added that police will not stop them to chase away the ‘incompetent’ governor in Masvingo.

“It’s a struggle, we are sure we are going to win, Maluleke is incompetent, he has angered us in many angles, to begin with, he is corrupt. We are now asking him to allow us to re-bury our fellow comrades but he is refusing.

“We want him to be shown exit,” said Muzenda.

Muzenda and his colleagues are going to appear in court soon.

Maluleke directed all the questions to the police.

However, Masvingo police spokesperson Inspector Tinaye Matake could not be contacted for comment as his mobile was not reachable by Saturday.