Masvingo Mayor Engages Residents Via Social Media

Masvingo, November 20, 2013 – Masvingo city mayor Hubert Fidze has probably become the first mayor in the country to take advantage of social media to strengthen his communication with residents.

Fidze, who is currently working on constructing his personal website and facebook page has been praised by residents for joining various social groups in the virtual community such as WhatsApp groups where he is effectively giving feedback to the residents about city related issues.

“I think Fidze is in the right direction, he is the first public figure here in Masvingo to effectively communicate with us via social media,” said Andrew Muganhu a city resident.

Fidze told TellZimbabwe that he was willing to join any social group that invites him as long as the participants were willing to ‘talk development.’

“My major wish is to remain in touch with the people, going back to them with feedback as well as informing them about critical issues that affect Masvingo. I am not an expert on everything but i depend on the advice that i get from such platforms,” said Fidze.

On Monday and Tuesday morning, Fidze was put under pressure by Wezhira Community Radio initiative as he was asked to several questions pertaining water situation in the city.

However, Fidze said it was interesting to have such platforms because he would reach out to different groups to address their special requests.

“I will never get tired when it comes to answer these questions be it on WhatsApp or any platform, let us engage each other until we get way forward,” added mayor Fidze.

Tell Zimbabwe (Masvingo)