Masvingo MDC Factions Make Peace

Under normal circumstances, those who lose an election are not supposed to go for national congress as delegates but after a four hour closed door meeting with his supporters in Masvingo, Tsvangirai concluded that no one was going to be barred from national congress.Tsvangirai held a meeting with both the losing candidates and the newly elected candidates after the losers insisted that they wanted a third round of election in Mucheke stadium.

“I have heard your queries and one thing which is common to you all is that you are dedicated party cadres who want to attend the congress hence I am now inviting all of you to the forth coming congress,” said Tsvangirai amid applause from the members.Tsvangirai said the outstanding issues between the two factions were not serious hence the problems would be solved after congress.

“Since your immediate request is to attend a congress, I have granted you that permission and we will solve everything at our pace later. However, I plead with you not to fight each other because you know that we are all here because of our one common enemy, Zanu(PF).” Tsvangirai told the meeting.After the meeting members of various factions managed to talk to each other for the first time since last week when the Elphas Mkonoweshuro faction walked out of Mucheke stadium in protest as Tongai Matutu (MP for Masvingo Urban) faction romped into victory.

Member of Parliament for Zaka West Festus Dumbu openly told Tsvangirai that unless the elections are run for the third time, he was not going to respect the current executive.But Tsvangirai said for now, the current executive should be respected. MDC-T Masvingo spokesperson and Member of Parliament for Zaka Central Harrison Mudzuri told Radio Vop that Tsvangirai proved to be a ‘real leader by uniting the fighting factions in Masvingo’.
Although Mudzuri refused to give details of the meeting, he said the meeting gave hope for unity.

“ We are one and we will never split. The meeting brought us together as a family and it was a starting point. We are sure that fighting each other or factionalism in Masvingo will soon be a thing of the past, ” said Mudzuri.