Masvingo MDC-T Gears For Celebrations

The Movement for Democratic Change party (MDC-T) led by Morgan Tsvangirai will be celebrating 15 years of its formation in Masvingo at Mucheke stadium on Saturday September 13, 2014.

The celebrations will be held under the theme, “Towards national convergence, mobilising people for victory.”

The provincial chairperson for Masvingo, Benard Chiondegwa said that his party is now in its final stages of preparations towards the forthcoming national event.

“Masvingo has been honoured with a gigantic task of hosting the party’s 15th birthday celebrations. We are now in the final stages of our preparations towards this function and we feel honoured to be the hosts”, he said.

“We have detached teams on the streets to try and remind the people about this historic event. Our youths are putting posters all over the town so that people will be reminded and the message can reach a wide space”, he added.

Chiondegwa said that Masvingo has been ready ever since the day it was informed about this development.

“We have been ready ever since the day we were told about this development. The people are rallying behind us and we hope thousands of people will flock to Masvingo to celebrate the birthday of our party together”, he said.

“The guest speaker will be our president Morgan Tsvangirai and he will be accompanied by all the members of the National assembly”, he added.

In an interview with TellZimbabwe, Chiondegwa admitted that there has been a lot of challenges in the preparations but he hopes that their vision will not be deterred by these stumbling blocks.Politics

“It is true that the process has not been easy, we have been experiencing a lot of challenges but we have managed to work together to come up with successful preparations”, he said.

Chiondegwa also blamed ZANU PF for using state machinery to try and see to it that the event will not be a success.

“ZANU PF has used the military, the chiefs, the headman and the police to try and bar people from attending this great event. They want to make MDC to appear like a failure but our oneness will see us through and have successful celebrations”, he said.

Chiondegwa admitted that the party is in a financial crisis and that they will work hard to try and find funds and also to make sure that the guests feel very much welcome.

He also said that Masvingo province is working together with other provinces and also members of the national assembly to see to it that the celebrations will be historic.

“We are experiencing financial problems but we are sourcing funds to make sure that our celebrations will be remembered by the whole nation”, he added.

Addressing the issue regarding the split in the party, Chiondegwa said that this will not affect the turn up to the celebrations because the Biti and Mangoma’s so called “Renewal Team” has no support base.

“The split championed by Biti and Mangoma will not affect our celebrations at all because these two have no support base. It is greed which led them to split up from this party”, he said.

“Our president will take merit of these celebrations to try and assure people that the party of excellence is still as strong as it was in fact it has become much stronger because all those people with evil intends have left”, he added.


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