Masvingo MDC-T mayor expelled from party

MDC-T provincial chairman, Wilstaff Sitemere, confirmed the expulsion, saying the decision was reached Friday after the provincvial disciplinary committee sat and found the mayor guilty of the charges.

“The provincial disciplinary committee sat Friday and came to that decision after a two week probe on Chakabuda. Chakabuda dished out residential stands to friends and relatives, bopught himself a mercedes benz at a time when workers at council did not get their December salaries,” Sitemere said.

The party also suspected Chakabuda was being a political two timer because of his ‘suspicious’ ZANU PF links after he also appointed ZANU PF members in the council to top posts, added Sitemere.

Sitemere also said that Chakabuda, who failed to distribute last year’s Xmas Cheer Fund-which was $ 3 000-was responsible for the poor service delivery by the local; authority.

Masvingo last year went for close to a month without water supplies.

Chakabuda confirmed the suspension, but refused to comment further.

“What you heard is the truth, get the comments from those who told you,” he said, before hanging his phone.

The MDC-T is on a serious drive to weed out corruption, which has been rampant at most local authorities dominated by its members.