Masvingo police warn public on Fejafeja

By Anymore Magawa

Many people in Masvingo have complained against a gang of alleged fraudsters promoting a street gambling game called Pick Luck Deep Show popularly known as Fejafeja.

The alleged gang’s activities are said to be duly registered in terms of the law but the rules and regulations governing the game are reportedly being broken in efforts to lure more players.

Several people have fallen victim to the misleading gambling initiative and have lost their money in the process.

Acting Masvingo police spokesperson Kudakwashe Dehwa confirmed the game was legal, adding that it must however be played in accordance with the prescribed terms.

“These people have got a valid licence which allows them to do their gambling but nothing out of the license’ rules and regulations is allowed for example misleading information, forcing the public to participate and seizing people’ property.

“If anyone has been harassed or has heard them playing obscene music, they must come and report to the police since the game must be played by those who freely want to participate.

“Those who do not want to be involved in that gambling must avoid the scenes because if some unlicenced people organise a game and you are found there, the police will arrest everybody,” said Dehwa.

A source who spoke on condition of anonymity revealed that the squad disregarding the game’s rules by using misleading statements as a way of convincing people to participate.

“These people are crooks and thieves because they lure people using false statements. They make you believe you will definitely win yet that is rarely the case and they don’t give you the prizes even if you win.


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