Masvingo public relations officer faces suspension

… ‘improper’ relationship with Tiringindi among the charges

By Clayton Shereni

City of Masvingo is investigating its Public Relations Officer (PRO) Ashleigh Jinjika ‘on many allegations’ including her alleged intimate love relationship with activist Prosper Tiringindi.

Tiringindi has been a constant thorn in council’s shoes for many years due to his abrasive activism and disruptive behavior, and sources said council was not amused by reports that their PRO is in a live-in relationship with him.

“There are indeed investigations that are happening. We investigate, get our facts right and suspend if there is a genuine need to suspend. We don’t suspend then investigate,” said Acting Town Clerk Edward Mukaratirwa who confirmed that the alleged relationship with Tiringindi was among the allegations.

When contacted for comment, Jinjika said she understood some investigations were being conducted into her alleged inappropriate behavior.

“I am waiting for what will happen next. Right now I haven’t received any suspension letter but I am informed the allegations stem from what happened at the press conference,” she said.

She dismissed as false reports that she was in a live-in love relationship with Tiringindi but said whom she got intimately involved with should never be an issue as that would be her own private life separate from her official duties.

Things got to a head on Tuesday, April 13, when Tiringindi, who is not a registered journalist, got into a press conference which was being addressed by Mayor Collen Maboke.

Being visibly under the influence of alcohol, Tiringindi then launched a tirade against Maboke, Mukaratirwa and Ward 10 Cllr Sengerai Manyanga; accusing them of maligning him and violating his rights to express himself freely on several platforms.

Members of the media who had turned up had to walk out for a while as they felt that the event was getting too personal, had lost its agenda and was degenerating into a circus.

The press conference was being moderated by Jinjika.