Masvingo receives $31 million for devolution

Chiredzi RDC gets lion’s share of funds


The government has released about $31 million of devolution money to Masvingo province with Chiredzi and Mwenezi Rural District Councils (RDCs) getting the biggest chunk of the money, TellZim News has learnt.

Allocation of the money to districts was done with close attention to various economic considerations including population indexes, poverty levels and unpaved infrastructure size.

Of the $31 million, $9 million has been set aside for the provincial council which is, however, yet to be operationalised.

Masvingo Provincial Administrator (PA) Fungai Mbetsa said he expected money to improve living conditions through improved service delivery.

“We have received our second tranche of devolution money and it was shared amongst all the nine local authorities in the province. The rationale behind the allocation was largely based on population, poverty and infrastructure indexes. We appreciate the work being done by the government and we will make sure that the money is put to good use,” said Mbetsa.

Chiredzi Rural District Council received $3 211 876.51 followed by Mwenezi with $3 044 337.54. Other local authorities received $2 892 547.40 for Bikita, $2 877794.38 for Gutu, $2 931 952.88 for Zaka, $2 726 580.37 for Masvingo Rural and $2 832 894 for Chivi.

Masvingo City Council and Chiredzi Town Council received $1 779 826.58 and $1 870 792.22 respectively.

Mbetsa said $9 million has been given to the provincial council so that its operationalization can finally become a reality.

“The provincial council is yet to be operationalised and the $9 million has been given for that purpose and we hope to see the provincial council sitting soon,” said Mbetsa.

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