Masvingo Runs Out OF Burial Space

“Our master plan expired hence the city cannot expand. We are now in the process of consulting people on our expansion – maybe after the approval of our 40 year master plan, that is when we can get land,” said Masvingo City Mayor Alderman Femias Chakabuda.

“The space for graves in Mucheke is all but filled up. We are going to open a new site along Mutare road. Any inconvenience caused is greatly regretted,” said city clerk Adolf Gusha.

The council has already put adverts in local newspapers notifying the residents about the lack of space for cemeteries.

However, residents said it was very unfortunate for them since they are likely to fork a lot of money in order to bury their loved ones.

“Funeral comes at the most inconvenient time and we do not normally budget for such eventualities. This development automatically means that we are no longer going to give a decent burial to our loved ones,” said Maxwell Chaibva.