Masvingo Runs Out Of Fuel

Motorists who spoke to Radio VOP said there were very few supplies, forcing them to resort to the diminishing black market where the commodity is more expensive.

“I have searched for fuel the whole town. I have been referred to informal traders at the black market. Initially, I did not want to go there as the prices are high and there is the risk of the fuel being mixed with water, but it looks like I have no option,” said Edwin Kamanda.

Only BP garage had fuel but the queue was long.

A worker at the garage said the shortage may be artificial as suppliers wanted a price hike in line with the global market.

“Our bosses temporarily halted the importation of the precious liquid as they want to adjust to increased prices. Fuel has reached a record high at the international market, so we expect the next supplies to have higher prices, said a petrol attendant.

The rise in fuel will cause a subsequent increase in the prices of almost all goods and services ahead of the Xmas and New Year holidays, making travelling expensive at a time when many people want to travel to their rural areas to see their families.