Masvingo Students In Court Over Mugabe Assassination Movie

The movie, ‘Strike back Zimbabwe’ has been widely circulating over the internet.

Desire Chikwanda (20), an electrical engineering student, Monalisa Katsamure (23) and Nyasha Chikumbirike (23) appeared in court before Masvingo magistrate Thomas Mandityira facing a charge of undermining the authority of or insulting the person of the President.

According to the state’s case Katsamure borrowed Chikwanda’s laptop so that she could watch a movie while waiting for their lecturer who had delayed.

While in possession of the laptop, Katsamure came across the movie, which was saved on the desktop, and she clicked on it to have a look.

As the movie played, many students gleefully glued to the screen and started shouting and applauding.

A lecturer named Lovemore Chamisa entered the lecture room and found the students watching the movie. He reported the matter to the police, leading to the arrest of the three students on Wednesday.

The students’ lawyer, Collin Maboke, of Mwonzora and Associates, alleged that his clients were tortured while in police custody and were not formally advised of their charges.

“The students were detained for two days. They told us of their torture at the hands of the detectives. One was limping and could hardly walk, while others had marks of beatings on their backs,” Maboke said.

Frank Chirairo was prosecuting.