Masvingo United Deserted By sponsor

Mutema told Radio VOP: “I cannot take it anymore. I cannot hold on to the team any longer. I am risking my businesses as there is no profit that I am getting from sponsoring the team.”

The businessman’s pullout flies in the face of protests by players who have boycotted training for close to a week now over non-payment of their bonuses.

Popularly known as ‘Blackman’, Mutema, who owns a chain of supermarkets in and around Masvingo, bared his soul, saying he ‘no longer cares an inch about the team’.

“I have done my part. I sponsored the team in Div One, and it got promoted back into the premiership where it belongs. It is time for someone to take over.

“I have been dishing out money like confetti for no returns. If I continue like this, I will get broke,” he said.

Mutema, who bought Masvingo United from former transport mogul Tanda Tavaruva, of the Mhunga fleet, said the team should now be under community ownership.

“Masvingo United is for the community of Masvingo and everyone can have a chance to watch premiership matches because of me. So other sponsors should also come to the team’s rescue.”

Mhunga sold Masvingo United after his fortunes in the transport sector tumbled.

Under the current circumstances, Masvingo United might be demoted back to Division one as was the case with their bitter rivals here, FC Victoria.

FC Victoria made it into the top flight league under a cloud of controversy with accusations of referees’ bribing blighting the team’s fragile shreds of legitimacy. Financial blues handicapped the team, resulting in the team finding its way back to Div One.