Masvingo Villagers Get A Hiding For Attending MDC-T Rally

Mharadze called for an urgent rally on Friday afternoon after villagers informed him that there were some youths who were harassing them for being MDC supporters. Villagers also wanted to inform their MP about some of the problems which they were facing, which include fear of Zanu PF’s torture bases in the area.

Villagers who were beaten were treated at Ngomahuru and Masvingo General Hospitals.

“It started early in the morning when some youths whom we suspect to be Zanu PF supporters moved from one homestead to another beating almost everyone who attend Mharadze’s rally,” said Mharadze. “We could not fight back because naturally we know the youths have police and army backing.” said a man who refused to be named who was waiting for treatment at Masvingo General Hospital.”

Mharadze said there was need for police to investigate and punish the perpetrators.

“I am very disappointed with what is happening in my constituency. My supporters are always beaten and tortured. Last week there were armed police loitering in the area, they had no specific mission besides instilling fear in the public. We hope the perpetrators are going to be arrested but my worry is that MDC supporters will continue to suffer because the police have chosen to take sides,” said Mharadze.

Masvingo police spokesperson Inspector Tinaye Matake refused that anything like that happened but said he was going to do further investigations. “Maybe it happened but I am not aware for now. We are going to have investigations, phone me later,” said Insp Matake.