Mawere Warns Investors To Zimbabwe

“If there is no rule of law, the same law which exists can be used against you tomorrow, when you do business with ZESA and someone turns up and appoints an administrator,” Mawere told journalists on Tuesday after his appearance before the Mines and Energy Parliament Portfolio Committee.

Mawere is battling to get his Shabanie Mine and other businesses from government control after he was specified and accused of externalising foreign currency. Mawere who has been staying in South Africa had since aquired citizenship of that country but was recently despecified by government.

Shabanie Mashava Mine (SMM) has been lying idle over the years as it has failed to re-open. The company used to employ more than 10 000 workers at its peak while it is said it used to contribute about 10 percent of the country’s export earnings.

Mawere told journalists after his hearing of his side of the story that the rule of law needs to be protected saying the country was at stake from unscrupulous politicians.

“The country is at stake, jobs are at stake. There are people whose lives are at stake and they need the answers. Are you satisfied that you are secure?”

Chairperson of the committee, Chindori Chininga asked Mawere if there was something that he will change if he knew he would face the problems he is facing and Mawere responded that he would not have invested in the country.

“I would not have invested in Zimbabwe if I knew that this will happen,” Mawere said.

Mawere is battling to control the SMM which is under reconstruction under a government appointed adminstrator Arafat Gwaradzimba.

Mawere accuses Gwaradzimba and Justice minister, Patrick Chinamasa of wrestling his businesses from him through urging parliament to enact the reconstruction law which he says must be struck off as it is not a fair law.

Mawere said despite his company owing creditors more money than the value of his assets, the government erred through Chinamasa to wrestle his business from him.

Mawere was de-specified this year by the government after meetings with President Robert Mugabe in South Africa and when co-Home Affairs ministers said he had no case to answer.

Chinamasa tried to stop Mawere from appearing before the Mines and Ernergy portfolio committee when he wrote to parliament to stop the hearing because the SMM issue is still subjudice. However, Chinamasa’s letter arrived when Mawere had already appeared before the Mines and Ernergy committee.

Clerk of Parliament Austin Zvoma said Justice Minister Patrick Chinamana had misinterpretated the law by claiming Parliament was in contempt of court by summoning Mawere to a hearing.

Chinamasa claimed the matter could not be heard by Parliament as it was still before both the High Court and the Supreme Court. Chinamasa is also set to appear before the same committee.