'Mazebra' Moyo Wins Mwenezi Primaries To Replace Bhasikiti

By Itai Muzondo

Former Mwenezi Ward Coordinator for Women Affairs, Joshua ‘Mazebra’ Moyo won yesterday’s run in the much anticipated primary – elections held in Mwenezi to represent the ruling Zanu (PF) party ahead of the by – elections to replace the ousted former Minister for Masvingo Provincial Affairs and Mwenezi East legislator, Kudakwashe Bhasikiti.

Moyo polled 1203 votes ahead of first and second runners-up Marvellous Chifumuro and Webster Muzara who registered 893 and 812 votes respectively.

The other contesting candidate were Mamberesi who got 499 votes, Mandebvu who was tipped to win the election lying on fifth position with 451 vote, Muchara with 447 votes, a one Murefu who had 2014 votes, Justin Sithole with 194 vote, Hungwe who had 174 votes and finaly Clara Shumba lying on the tenth position with 75 votes.

A total of 4942 valid ballots were cast while 146 were spoilt, bringing the total votes cast to 5098.

The statistics marks an alarming decrease compared to a total of more than 19 000 voters who turned out to cast their vote in the same constituency in the 2013 harmonized elections.

Commenting on the polls, Elections Supervisor and Zanu Pf’s Secretary for Administration in the Politiburo, July Moyo told Radio VOP that he hails the contesting parties for exhibiting high levels of discipline and peace before, during and after the elections.

He further urged the losing candidates to join hands and support Joshua Moyo ahead of by – elections to be conducted mid-September.

“I want to thank Matebelaland South Zanu (PF) Chairperson, Ravaleni Choweni for providing the required human capital to supervise the elections throughout the twenty – four polling stations.

“I would also like to applaud the contesting candidates for exhibiting high levels of discipline and peace before and after the elections. To the loosing candidates, I urge you to join hands and support Moyo ahead of the by – elections to be conducted in September,” said Moyo.

Masvingo Zanu (PF) Provincial Chairperson, Paradzai Chakona also said the primary elections were swiftly conducted and noted that his party was ready for the by-election. He also said that the party will not run the by – elections without finalizing Bhasikiti’s court appeals which he is seeking to set aside Proclamation Number 7 of 2015 which set the Nomination Court date as July 20 and the by-election date as September 19 2015 and further arguing that all election-related processes should be done after 31 July, when his challenge against his dismissal from Zanu (PF) would have been finalized.

“The primary elections to replace Bhasikiti have been conducted swiftly amid his urgent appeal in the Constitutional Court against High Court judgment that permitted his dismissal from Zanu(PF).

“This does not imply that we will run the by-elections before Bhasikiti’s appeal is finalized by the court but these are just preparations ahead of the by – elections which have since been set for September this year and we are prepared to contest and win the seat on behalf of our party when the time for the by-election comes,” added Chakona.

Meanwhile, Masvingo’s struggling politician,Joosbi Omar popularly known as ‘Muzukuru Joosbi’ was booted off from the run to become a parliamentarian on a last minute uninformed disqualification.

Omar a perennial loser who contested in Masvingo Urban primary elections and lost to Daniel Shumba in 2013 tried his luck in Mwenezi East but his longtime dream to become a legislator was once again thwarted as his CV was not considered for the race by the selection team.


This becomes Omar’s fourth trial to become an MP.