McGee Is A Liar: Claims Zanu-PF MP

Dzingirai was earlier in the year exposed by the wiki-leaks for undermining his party and leader in secret conversations with US ambassador,  James McGee.

Addressing a press conference at a local hotel in Masvingo on Monday night, Dzingirai said it was a shame that he ended up being a victim of what he never said. Although some media organizations had earlier reported that Dzingirai had admitted that he spoke to US officials in 2009.

Though Dzingirai said he was not aware of McGee’s aim by lying about him, he attacked him for sending misleading information that has a possibility of denting his image among his party colleagues.

“I was never threatened by Zanu-PF top officials for allegedly speaking to McGee but this has a long after effects,” he added.

“I don’t know where it is all coming from – I never admitted that. Journalists are twisting what I said, in fact, my point remains that McGee is a blatant liar who is not shameful of quoting me out of contest. I never met him and I don’t even know why he opted to quote
me as having spoken to him.

“The only time I remember going to US embassy was the day when I applied for my VISA to go to America on special trip which I never enjoyed anyway,” he said.

Dzingirai participated in the International Visitor Program (Africa Region Program) on Principles of Transparency in the US Government from 8 to 26 February 2009.

However, Dzingirai said instead of getting new knowledge in the program, he ended up being a laughing stock – going through under rigorous checks at any airport in the US.

“It was all embarrassment to me because they were all laughing at me calling me Mugabe’s son. I ended up being nick-named comrade. I was also being delayed at some airports such as Atlanta and Dallas where I missed my plane as the security personal wanted to find out why I was in America.

“At times they would ask why I was not on sanction list,” he added. Although he admitted having informal discussion with US Embassy staffer Andrew Schute in 2009, Dzingirai said he had never spoken anything bad about Mugabe or Zanu-PF in his life.

“I would tell them that Mugabe is the finest leader in Africa but surprisingly they end up cooking lies and exaggerate facts,” added Dzingirai.

Knives were out for Dzingirai in June this year when he called for legalisation of all pirate radio stations in Zimbabwe.