MDC-A Senator doubts ED govt over Universal Health Coverage

By Nhau Mangirazi
CHEGUTU- Movement for Democratic Change Senator for Chegutu Hon Violet Paneari Moeketsi has cast doubt on President Emerson Mnangagwa government commitment to improve health sector and achieve Universal Health Coverage(UHC) by 2030 calling it another ‘tiger paper policy document’
Hon Moeketsi said the Mnangagwa led government signing of the UHC document is not a sign of commitment but the Zanu PF party has never changed its policies where few benefit at the expense of majority wallowing in abject poverty.
‘We have noticed with dismay by President Mnangagwa signing of UHC recently making commitment to improve the health sector. The reality is that Zanu PF as a leopard has never changed its colors since independence. We have seen best documents signed by late former president Robert Mugabe since independence but few of these have made impact. We had best infrastructure but now deteriorating because of lack of good policies by our Government. Individually, we have seen majority of past and present cabinet officials including late Mugabe, Mnangagwa himself, Vice Presidents Chiwenga and Kembo Mohadi among several others seeking medication abroad. Ironically they want us to keep trust in facilities they are abandoning as leadership living the majority who are poor dying in health facilities that do not have medicine and poor working conditions for the workers. Good health is the best option but with deteriorating standards economically, divided politics of the elite and poor, we are counting loses as a nation. UHC achievement is a pipeline dream as Zanu PF government lacks commitment to help us all,’
She added that UHC is one of the country priorities as a health nation can be progressive in production but the political stand-off is retrogressive.
‘A health mind has better plans for a good and focused leadership but we moved few steps forward and backwards meaning we are stuck as a nation. We are not sure if the UHC signing by Mnangagwa will change anything as they failed many sectors as a Government,’ lamented the senator.
Her call comes amid revelations that the Government has made a commitment to UHC by 2030.
Last week Women and Aids Support Network (WASN) board chair Tariro Kutadza challenged media to play its critical role in interrogating authorities over UHC.
Kutadza called on media as a ‘critical constituency’ that must be abreast on health dynamics and how they affect the well-being of every citizen for a progressive nation.
Speaking during a roundtable discussion of belated UHC officially marked annually on 12 December, Kutadza said every citizen must have access to better health facilities.
‘Media must hold those in authority accountable and continue pushing for an acceptable agenda,’
According to Kutadza UHC achievement is hinged on several commitments including political will that Government has agreed that they will play their role to ensure safe health by all by 2030.
There are calls for other stakeholders’ as commitment for people centered care putting the poorest and most marginalized communities first as well as engaging community voices without gender bias.