MDC-A senator vents anger at ED over roads names changes

By Nhau Mangirazi

CHEGUTU– Movement for Democratic Change Senator for Chegutu Violet Moketsi has joined concerned citizens who have rubbished President Emerson Mngangagwa cabinet approval for new streets names changes in Harare on Thursday.

Senator Moketsi said there is no ‘justification’ by a serious Government to sit as cabinet to approve street names changes instead of tackling socio economical challenges confronting the majority battling to make ends meet.

She said, “As a nation we are at crossroads as majority of citizens are suffering where three quarters of the population can’t afford a decent three course meal let alone other basic necessities such as clean water, affordable primary health. Those who can afford this at taxpayer’s money are wasting time discussing this as full- fledged cabinet? Instead of debating on how we can move on as a nation, we have top Government officials coming together just to appease ED to name a street after him. Anyone from Zanu PF who becomes a President will have streets named after him. This is ridiculous for a country like Zimbabwe rated as one of the well-educated nations in Africa,’

In Kadoma town, a few kilometers out of Chegutu, some resident echoed her sentiments saying the street names changes was ED Government’s ‘own goal’ proving that his bid for ‘The Voice of the People is the Voice of God’ has proven to be afar from reality.

‘It is shameless that Government is not concerned about welfare of its citizens who look forward to good governance as well as creating employment in mining sector but instead is pushing for street names and personal glorification,’ said a local miner who refused to be named for fear of victimization.

‘Those renamed streets must be resurfaced than diverting us to monitor shortcomings in delivering in electoral reforms, engaging the international community among other challenges that we are facing as a nation,’ he added.

A vegetable vendor Dorcas Banda said the latest streets names changes will never bring food for majority.

‘There is no difference at all for us. We have a leadership failing to rectify and give solutions to challenges being faced by majority of widows and unemployed youths,’ added Banda.

However, Hon Moketsi decried snubbing of late hero and humanitarian of great note, Jairosi Jiri who took care of the blind, deaf among other disabled people in Bulawayo where he kick-started Jairosi Jiri Foundation.

Jiri took care of hundreds of these disabled from personal servings and had branches in Bulawayo, Kadoma and other towns.

‘If they had named one street after late Jairosi Jiri or the late Oliver Mtukudzi, it could have made sense but all being said and done, we are in a crisis as a nation and we must not be wasting time discussing these issues but working around the clock to revive our struggling economy,’ added Moketsi.

Jiri nurtured one of the best musicians Paul Matavire who besides being blind at a tender age was well versed with both deep Shona, Ndebele and English among other languages.

Both Jiri and Matavire were buried at their rural villages in Masvingo.

Meanwhile cabinet approved street names such as Enterprise now ED Mngangagwa, Kirkman renamed to Solomon Mujuru Drive, Livingstone will be OR Tambo Ave, Charter to be Fidel Castro, Cameroon to be Joseph Msika, Selous John Nkomo, Five Avenue renamed as Leonid Brezhnev amog many other changes.