MDC Activist Poured Hot Cooking Oil

In a statement the MDC said Ayaya Kassim the ward 11 youth chairperson was attacked by Zanu (PF) youths in Mbare at a friend’s house.

“The unpleasant incident took place at a house in 4th Street Avenue in Mbare where Kassim had visited a fellow MDC colleague. Zanu (PF) mobsters who had hot cooking oil followed him into the house and poured the oil into his face,” read part of the statement. “He received serious burns and was admitted at a Harare hospital,” it added.

Police spokesman, Wayne Bvudzijena, said he had not been made aware of the incident. Í am going to make enquiries” he said.

Chipangano, the Zanu (PF) militia, has declared an unofficial no-go area in Mbare for suspected MDC supporters as the former ruling party battles to win the constituency from Tsvangirai’s popular faction.

The MDC has been complaining in the past weeks that their supporters across the country are under siege from violent Zanu (PF) supporters who are attacking MDC supporters but are not being arrested by police.

“The case was reported at Stodart Police Station but no arrests have since been made,” the party added.

The MDC has called for an end to violence that they said has been targeted to their supporters by Zanu (PF) and state security actors that are in the army and intelligence circles. The party has said it will not go any election until there is a free and fair election in the country which is non-violent.

Tsvangirai has said over 200 of his supporters were killed during the violent presidential in 2008 after he had won in the first round of the presidential election in March 2008.