MDC And Zanu (PF) Youths Clash

The youths who charged at the Harvest House entrance along Nelson Mandela Avenue beat up MDC youths and passersby before the MDC youths retaliated leading to the Zanu (PF) youths fleeing from the scene.

The MDC in a statement said the Zanu (PF) youths were wearing their party t-shirts when they went on rampage.

“Scores of Zanu (PF) youths this afternoon caused disturbances at the MDC headquarters, Harvest House, and attacked innocent shoppers and workers. The youths wearing Zanu (PF) T – shirts were dropped at Harvest House by a white kombi,” the MDC said in a statement.

“They, however, fled after discovering that there were hundreds of MDC youths who had come to attend a Youth Assembly strategic meeting at the party headquarters.”

“Some of the people who were attacked are; Kudakwashe Tapfumanei, Chancellor Nyamande, Rebecca Mafukeni, Samson Nerwande and Andrew Marufu. No one was injured. The MDC strongly condemns this unnecessary provocation, which exposes Zanu (PF) as a violent party.”

Meanwhile in Mberengwa clashes erupted on Thursday between war veterans and Zanu (PF) youths occupying Texas Ranch Farm in Mberengwa, Midlands Province over village heads positions.

Texas Ranch Farm has been used as a torture base by war veterans and Zanu (PF) militias since year 2000 when they grabbed it from a white commercial farmer. Over 700 war veterans and Zanu (PF) militias have since settled on the farm and it has been divided into small villages.

Clashes erupted on Thursday as Zanu (PF) youths led by one Tinomuda Shiri accused war veterans of controlling all activities at the farm and also for grabbing all village heads positions.

The war veterans led by Langton Mangena with the support of Chief Mazivofa who also settled on the farm had allocated all village heads positions among themselves without consulting the Zanu (PF) youths leaders.

“There is no peace anymore in that farm as we are witnessing fights every week between Shiri’s group and Mangena’s group. The fight is over village heads positions as the farm as been divided into small villages and war veterans wants to control everything,” said a small scale miner who operates a mine adjacent to the farm.

A senior police officer based at Mberengwa police station said “they arrested three Zanu PF youths and two war veterans from the farm on Thursday and have since paid US$20 admission guilt fee on charges of public violence.”

When Radio VOP contacted Shiri on Friday he confirmed the differences saying “you can’t have same group of people controlling everything, that’s a big farm shamwari (friend).”

Mberengwa has been a Zanu (PF) stronghold since independence, the party’s militias and war veterans have been mostly terrorizing opposition supporters in the past recent years.

Early this year a group of war veterans were arrested after disrupting a constitutional parliamentary committee consultative meeting on the new constitution held at Vutsanana Secondary School in the same district.