MDC Appeals To SADC Over Deteriorating Political Situation

In a letter dispatched on Monday to SADC leaders, among them South African President Jacob Zuma, the regional grouping’s appointed mediator in the Zimbabwe crisis, the MDC-T said the political and
security situation was deteriorating at an alarming and scaring pace and “the MDC calls on Sadc to intervene to ensure the GPA does not collapse.”

The lengthy letter follows incidents of political violence which rocked Harare and Chitungwiza in the past two weeks.

Noting that it was now 32 months after the consummation of the inclusive government, Tsvangirai’s party said despite the economic gains made thus far, the political situation still remained precarious
with the potential of degenerating into anarchy.

It listed issues the party considered to be detrimental to the functionality of the Inclusive Government as well as political and economic stability in Zimbabwe and specifically mentions state sponsored and sanctioned political violence.

“Violence and intimidation are the biggest challenge to a free political environment in Zimbabwe. Since the formation of the Inclusive Government, the cycle of political violence has not been broken and politically motivated, State sponsored and sanctioned violence has not stopped ,” reads part of his letter in possession of the Radio  VOP.