MDC Asks God To Intervene In Zimbabwe Crisis

In the prayer which has been forwarded to media houses, the party asks God the almighty to values of democracy, human rights and individual freedoms in the country that attained independence from Britain in 1980. The party aks God to continue giving them strength to fight for justice and the rule of law for all Zimbabweans.

Zimbabweans are mainly christian with over 85 percent of Zimbabwe’s population practising christianity.

“The MDC has developed a prayer  to seek for guidance from the Lord Almighty that Zimbabwe be a free nation again. Zimbabweans have suffered so much at the hands of men who have turned from God’s word and wisdom. The MDC family is therefore praying for a nation that abides by God’s major command, that we love one another,” the MDC said in a statement.

The MDC’s statement comes barely three days after South African president, Jacob Zuma came to Zimbabwe to ease tensions in the inclusive government formed almost two years ago.

Zuma met President Robert Mugabe and Prime Minister Morgan Tsvangirai in separate meetings in an effort to resolve outstanding issues in the Global Political Agreement (GPA) and to set the road-map for fresh elections.

Tsvangirai accuses Mugabe of making unilateral senior government appointments without consulting him as per the guidelines of the GPA. Mugabe complains on the other hand that Western imposed sanctions on himself and his inner circle must be removed for the 86 year old leader to give concessions.

Zuma promised to approach the Southern African Development Community (SADC) troika on defence and security before a SADC full summit is held to map the way forward in resolving the Zimbabwe crisis.

Zimbabwe has been faced by a myriad of problems over the years that include deadly political violence, massive economic decline and human rights abuses by government institutions.

The MDC in 2008 said over 200 of its supporters were murdered in cold blood by Zanu PF supporters and fingered the involvement of state security agencies.

The party has called for a clear road-map to free and fair elections which allows people free movement and the right to belong to any political party saying SADC must ensure that any election to be held in Zimbabwe must be non-violent.